The originals of these cards can be purchased.  See Original Artwork page for more details.

Details of Cards

The cartoon ideas come to me usually from things that I have done, like going the wrong way, or over-doing the cue!!!   Only a bellydancer could design these cards!

I pay for the printing, envelopes and cello bags as my contribution to the charities.  That way 100% of the £1.20 that you pay goes directly to the charities.

All cards are usually priced at £1.20 + P & P  For Christmas 2012 only all cards will be 75p or 10 for £7, all profits going to the World Land Trust

Size is 6" x 4" complete with matching envelope and in a cello bag.  Blank on the inside and professionally printed on good quality card.  

In the interests of the environment, if you would prefer not to have the cards in  cello bags please say so when ordering - thanks!

  I only have a small amount printed at a time and when they're gone - that's it!!!!


You can order any amount you like, below are guidelines for approximate prices.

                                      UK  Postage           1 - 2 cards =  50p

                                                                    3-4 cards = 75p

                                                                    10 cards = £1.00

                               Europe                      1 card = 95p

                                                                 10 cards = £1.80

                                     Rest of World  1 card = £1.10

                                                                    10 cards = £2.75


How to Order

Email me how many you'd like and which design, (card name beneath the design) and for details about combined postage with other work.  I will get back to you ASAP with the overall price and then you can either send a cheque, or I will send you a paypal invoice in sterling, which will be converted to your currency.  PLEASE NOTE THAT I WON'T PRINT MORE THAN 150 OF ANY ONE DESIGN AS I LIKE TO KEEP THEM AS LIMITED EDITION.  I WILL TRY AND UPDATE THIS SITE REGULARLY BUT HAVE BEEN SELLING OUT FAST JUST RECENTLY.  I WILL ALWAYS OFFER ALTERNATIVES IF I HAVE SOLD OUT. 

Overseas - The paypal invoice is in pounds sterling and will automatically convert to your currency.

Thank You

Inspired by, and dedicated to, the last of our WW1 Veterans who died this year - Bill Stone, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch, and all the other soliders like them (such as my own Grandad White).  All proceeds from this card will go to the Royal British Legion who support service men and their families.

Dancers based on  Ariellah, Ve aka Sakinah Ali and Ansuya.

New for 2010 - Camel Toe Inspection

New for 2010 - Zills.  This is the front of the card.  See below for the extra picture that is in the middle.....

This card is much  larger, also with matching envelope and cello bag.  The extra surprise picture in the middle shows the mayhem in a changing room.

This card is £2.50 (£1 During the 2012 World Land Trust Christmas fundraising)

Oh Buggar #2 (New for 2009)

Dancing for Dexter  (new for 2009)

Dancing with Orangutans  (new for 2009)

Babs' Bloomers  (new for 2009)


Knickers - sold out



Tribal Buns - Sold out

Tribal Spin

Tribal Red Nose - sold out

Tribal Ring

Subtle Cue

Tribal Bathroom

Tribal Drop

Tribal Mirrors

Oh Buggar! - sold out

Admiring the New Tattoo

Tribal Mother & Child


Saltwells Dancers - sold out

Animal Print

Nursing Bra