Charity links for the children's charities I have helped during the Christmas period.  Please visit their websites -

2011 - a charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick.

2010  - a hospice for terminally ill children.

2009 - Children's Chronic Arthritis Association

2008 - for children suffering from crohns Disease

2007 - for children who are terminally ill

2006 - again, for children who are terminally ill.

All of these charities are worth donating to as Christmas is for children and some children need more help than others.

Other links - all are fabulous sites, I don't link to just anybody you know! - an excellent tribal fusion  magazine, and I am the cartoonist - so what are you waiting for - subscribe!!! - Kookie Kaftan sell tribal and bellydance wear.  Lynne Chapman is a stunning performer and teacher.  With her sister Julie, they sell my cards at haflas, with no cost to themselves.  Thanks all!  Tribe Zuza  - great tribe site and sells everything from jewellery to clothes – very reasonable – highly recommended!  You may also be able to buy cards which are ‘sold out’ on this site as they have supported my charity work right from the beginning.  Thanks Angela and Mark!  A brilliant on-line dance magazine.  It has really good articles about what's going on in the dance world.  Well worth a look.   A sad loss earlier last year, Beryl Cook was, and still is, my main inspiration.  I love her fantastic, funny art work.  Another sad loss.  When I was a child, Tony Hart inspired me to create.  Pedralta design and make high quality tribal clothes which can be customised to suit you.  Check out their great Goddess Range for the larger dancer – I did!  World LandTrust –one of the charities I like to support as conservation of our wildlife and environment is so important.  Also, the wonderful Sir David Attenborough is the patron.   If only I had been born 40 years earlier……!    An incredible British artist.  You have just got to look at his picture of Rachel. Simply stunning. Another wonderful animal charity.  This is a brilliant site from Enzie, a Californian portrait artist.  The step by step details of her work are a great help, her work is incredible and I own an original – yipeeeee!  Definitely worth a look.  Wonderful work helping the orphan elephants in Kenya.  The sales of my cards have paid for the adoption of Mary for 2 years and 2 other orphans.  They send email newsletters so there is no wastage of money in postal costs.   Have a look at photos and stories but have a tissue ready.   Vic Bearcroft is an excellent British artist who creates wonderful wildlife artwork, particularly wolves.  He specialises in using pastel on velour paper, which is a wonderful medium.   Where I get all my printing done - great value for money and Richard keeps the costs low for the charities. You must, must, must see this amazing work, I love it! A great Canadian artist.  A fantastic photographer, I adore his wildlife shots and comments.   Punk Farm is a great ‘children’s’ story about farm animals who are really rock stars.  Check out the great version of Old MacDonald!  Great for lovers of rock!    A UK art magazine that has helpful articles and a great read.  There are lots of talented troupes in UK now and too many to list here so I’ve just picked one wonderful troupe from down South.   These fabulous girls are from Lincoln.  They did a wicked Bollywood number at Ford a coupla years ago.  Great pics on the site.  This will take you to details of the Indigo.  There are so many wonderful tribal troupes out there that I could keep adding links.  Uzume, Unmata, so many – I haven’t time to list them all here, and I’m so glad that tribal dance is growing all over the world!   Again I could list lots of band sites that I love.  I’ve included Hanoi Rocks as I think they are an underrated band and would love them to be huge!  Also, Michael Monroe is gorgeous!!!   Alice Cooper DJ’s  – how cool is that?!  Great Black Country merchandise - tayshirts n that... - Dog Rescue Charity who rehome unwanted dogs. - Where I had my own lovely Cassie Puss Puss from. - alternative photography, my picture was taken here.  Great people, worth a look.  - great artists from Dudley!!  - great bellydance teacher who likes to rock out!